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How To Get & Use Miststone In V Rising

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How To Get & Use Miststone In V Rising

Want to get Miststone and use it in V Rising then here we are going to share a complete guide on How to Get Miststone and How to Use Mist Stone in V Rising.

Miststone is one of the most useful Gemstones in V Rising and you can use these Gemstones to make better gear. You can even get weapons like Sanguine Reaper if you have enough Miststone. It’s not very easy to collect these Gemstones so, here we have shared a complete guide to getting and using Miststone in V Rising.

Find Miststone In V Rising

To get Miststone in V Rising, players need to mine stone nodes that have the crystal type of shards sticking out of them. You need to break them to get different types of stones in crude forms like Miststone, Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz and more. The drop rate of Crude Miststone or any other stone is very low in regular rocks. You can also attack stone golems to collect the crude stones.

Apart from this, you can also choose a second way to get Mist Stones by buying from traders or merchants in V Rising. You can buy Miststone in exchange for Silver Coins. Here, we have shared a price in table form to purchase different forms of Mist Stone from different merchants or traders.

StonePrice Merchant/Trader
Crude Miststone8 silver coinsGavyn the Shady Dealer
Regular Miststone24 silver coinsBerk the Travelling Trader
Flawless Miststone120 silver coinsOttar the Merchant

If you have Crude Miststone then you have an option to get its other forms. You can use 4 Crude Miststone to get one Regular Miststone and 4 Regular Miststone to get a Flawless Miststone.

How to Use Mist Stone in V Rising

Here, we have shared all details to use Mist Stone in V Rising.

  • To get Regular Miststone and Mist Signet, you can use Crude Miststone.
  • To get Flawless Miststone, Misty Necklace, Merciless Iron Reaper and The General’s Soul Reaper, you can use Regular Miststone.
  • To get Sanguine Reaper, you can use Flawless Miststone.

In this guide, we have covered everything about How to Get Miststone and How to Use Mist Stone in V Rising. If you have any queries related to Miststone then never hesitate to comment to us below.

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