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V Rising

How To Get And Use Clay In V Rising

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How To Get And Use Clay In V Rising

V Rising is one of the most popular Multiplayer Survival games. You need to build your castle and hunt for blood to rise in power to win the world. In the starting, you are a very weak vampire and awaken after centuries of slumber.

To gain some power you need to look for various resources. Clay is one of those resources that need you in the game to craft some items or to progress in the V Rising. In this guide, we are going to share a complete guide on How To Get And Use Clay In V Rising so, be with us till the end.

Process To Get Clay in V Rising

Location of Clay in V Rising
Image credit: Stunlock Studios

The player can search for the Clay in Farbane Woods but before going to the location make sure you have enough levels of V Blood Bosses and enemies. In this region, you can go towards the Bandit Sulphur Quarry to get enough clay. If you have Servants then you can send them to harvest Clay.

How to Use Clay in V Rising?

You can use Clay in V Rising to craft two items Clay Mold and Stone Body. To craft Clay Mold you need a Water-filled Canteen with clay and to craft Stone Body you need Stone Bricks and Clay. You can craft this item with the help of Grinder. If you don’t know How To Build And Use Grinder in V Rising then never forget to check out our guide.

That’s everything about How To Get & Use Clay In V Rising. We hope this guide will help you to craft the items with the help of Clay. If you have any queries related to the article then you can drop down your queries in the comment section.

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