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How To Get A Horse In V Rising

Want to know How to get Horse in V Rising, if yes then you are in the right place. Here, we are going to share a complete guide on V Rising Horse.

V Rising is an action survival game, where you are a weekend vampire awakened from centuries of slumber. To become stronger you need to hunt for the Blood. You need to also look for the various resources, and structures in the game to defeat enemies.

The game has various regions to explore so, you can take the help of a horse to go from one place to another in a short time. Here, we are going to share a guide on Horse location in V Rising and How to get a Horse easily.

How To Get A Horse In V Rising

To find the Horse in V Rising you need to go to Farbane Woods. In this region you can encounter enemies and V Bloos Bosses so, before going to the region you should make sure that your gear level should be 30 or above.

You can look for the horses in the stable inside the Farbane Woods. If you are not able to see find any horse at the place then other players have taken the horse on the same server. You can roam around the place to find the best horses.

How To Ride a Horse in V Rising

You can easily ride a horse in V Rising with the help of the simple steps given below:

  • Find the Horse
  • Go near the Horse
  • Press F Key
  • Then you will automatically mount on the Horse

If you are owning the Horse in the V Rising then make sure you are caring for the horse to keep him alive. You don’t need to search for the grass or other items to feed the Horse, you can simply drink water from the horse from time to time to survive in the game.

The horse will also have an inventory that needs to be filled to maintain his hydration levels. You can not directly drink the water from the horse on the map. You should have water-filled canteens.

You can make waterskins with the help of Plant Fiber and Leather in V Rising. Take waterskins to any water sources and filled the water for the Horse.

This was everything about How To Get A Horse In V Rising. If you want to cover long distances then horses will play an important role. You can also use Cave Passages to fast ravel in V Rising. If you really want to use these Cave Passages then never forget to check out How To Use V Rising Cave Passage.

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