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V Rising: How To Find & Beat Winged Horror

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How To Beat Winged Horror In V Rising

V Rising, a Vampire Action game has various V Blood Boss that drop some important resources that you can use to progress in the game. Winged Horror is one of those important V Blood Boss that you need to defeat to get some useful resources.

Here, we are going to share a complete guide on How to Find Winged Horror in V Rising and How to Beat Winged Horror to collect various items to progress in the game.

Winged Horror Location In V Rising

Winged Horror can be found in the Dread Peak. You can go to the Easternmost part of the Fabane Woods to find this V-Blood Boss. The best time to hunt for the Boss is at night or daybreak. This is a Level 78 boss so, make sure you have a Gear Level of 78 or above to defeat Winged Horror.

How To Kill Winged Horror In V Rising?

Before going to fight with Winged Horror make sure you have Bat Form. This will help you to get to the top of Dread Peak to spot the boss. You need to focus on the Winged Horror attacks and deal smartly to defeat them.

The beast will summon two orbs on you. If you will dodge this then he can come at you and fire conical ice projections. Winged Horror can also use hail fire or blazing fire orbs to attack you. So, you need to move away before the attack hits. The beast also uses fire breath and a vortex that draws nearby targets and deals magic damage to the opponent.

Winged Horror also uses a spin attack that shoots icicles in different directions. These icicles split into various pieces. This is one of the dangerous attacks of Winged Horror. You can defeat the Boss with the help of keeping a safe distance and using the long-ranged weapon to attack the beast.

Winged Horror Reward

The Level 78 V Blood Boss reward Frost Vortex when you will able to kill the boss successfully.

This was everything about Winged Horror Location and How To Beat Winged Horror In V Rising. You can also check out other V Blood Bosses guides to defeat them and progress in the game. Check out How Beat Lidia the Chaos Archer and How To Defeat Duke Of Balaton In V Rising.

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