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How To Farm Bones In V Rising

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How To Farm Bones In V Rising

In the world of Vardoran of V Rising, players can collect various items to survive. When the game begins, you wake up from your deep slumber as a weakened Vampire and you have to collect various resources to survive.

Bones are the resources in V Rising that play an important role and you need to farm Bones in the beginning. So, here, we are going to share the full details on How To Get and Farm Bones In V Rising.

Bones help to form the starting base of your weapons and armor in V Rising. You can also farm for Bones later in the game. To find Bones you need to travel to either Infested Graveyard or Desecrated Graveyard in the Farbane Woods. You need to beat animals, skeletons and humans to get Bones.

If you are a low-level Vampire and putting more effort to complete challenges then go to the tutorial graveyard area and farm bones from the continuously respawning skeletons in the area.

Once you will be on a higher level then go to Forgotten Cemetery in Farbane Woods to farm Bones. This level is needed to defeat V-Blood boss Goreswine the Ravager. When you will defeat the boss then you can get the ability to make Tombs in your own Castle.

After creating Tombs use Blood Rose to summon skeletons and seal the place and go to do other tasks. Once you will come back to the Tombs you can farm Bones from these Skeletons. This process is very interesting to farm bones.

In this guide, we have covered How to Get and Farm Bones in V Rising. We hope this guide will help you to get and farm bones easily. If you are still here, then never forget to check out other V Rising guides like How To Make Stone Brick In V Rising and Iron Location Guide.

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