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How To Delete A Character In V Rising?

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How To Delete A Character In V Rising?

Want to know the process to reset or delete your character in V Rising then you have landed in the perfect place. Here we are going to share a complete guide on “How to delete a character in V Rising”.

V Rising is one of the most popular Actions Survival Vampire games that revolves around a hunt for survival on the land of Vardoran. To survive in the game you need to explore the world of Vardoran and collect various resources. But to progress in V Rising, you might need to reset.

Many players don’t know how to delete their playable characters so, here you can check out complete guides on deleting your playable character in V Rising in simple steps.

Delete Your Character in V Rising

Currently, you can not delete your playable character in V Rising as of now, but you have an option to create a new vampire on a different server. As we say you can not delete your character but you have an option to customize their appearance.

To customize your Vampire character in V Rising you need to craft a Mirror. In the Universal menu in the Mirrors section, you can find the Gothic or Cabal Mirror. To place a Cabal Mirror, you need 4 copper Ingots and 8 Planks.

After placing the Cabal Mirror in your own castle, you can easily customize your character’s appearance by interacting with the mirror. With the help of this mirror, you can customize your Body Type, Face, Eye Colour, Hair Colour, Hairstyle, Accessories and Randomised.

With the help of these options, you can give a different look to your character. You can change Vampire gender type, choose faces from different types and shapes, Colorful Hairstyle, Equip accessories and more.

That’s everything about How To Delete A Character In V Rising. If you this article helps you then never forget to share it with your V Rising friends. Also, never forget to check out V Rising other guides like How To Whisper In V Rising and Ungora the Spider Queen Location.

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