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V Rising Duke of Balaton Boss Location

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How To Defeat Duke Of Balaton In V Rising

V Rising is an Action Survival game that revolves around hunting for resources. To get resources you need to defeat the different levels of V Blood Bosses in V Rising. Duke Of Balaton a level 62 boss is one of them.

You can defeat Duke Of Balaton by reaching the location and getting Toad Form as a reward. To defeat the boss you must have Level 62 gear. You can easily reach the Duke of Balaton Location and defeat the boss with the help of this guide.

Duke of Balaton Location In V Rising

You can easily find the boss with the help of Blood Altar. Go to your own castle you can interact with the Blood Altar and start tracking the location of the Duke of Balaton. Duke of Balaton is located along the northern edge of the Cursed Forest. V Rising Duke of Balaton is Level 62 V Blood Boss then make sure you have a higher gear level to defeat the boss.

Duke of Balaton Drops

You can defeat the Boss and get Toad Form as a reward. Toad Form is a power in the V Rising that helps you to progress in the game.

This was the guide one V Rising Duke Of Balaton Location and How To Defeat Duke Of Balaton In V Rising. You can also look for other V Rising guides like V Rising Foulrot The Soultaker Location and All V Blood Bosses Location.

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