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How to Craft an Empty Glass Bottle in V Rising



How to Craft an Empty Glass Bottle in V Rising

Want to know How to Craft an Empty Glass Bottle in V Rising then here we are going to share a complete guide that helps you to craft an Empty Glass Bottle easily.

If you are struggling to get any items and resources in the V Rising then the best thing you can do is a craft. You can craft various items in the game to survive and progress in the V Rising. If you are struggling to get an Empty Glass Bottle then try this method to craft it.

Method To Craft an Empty Glass Bottle in V Rising

Process To Craft an Empty Glass Bottle in V Rising
Image credit: Stunlock Studios

Before crafting a glass bottle in V Rising you need to craft glass. Let’s know How to Craft Glass in V Rising:

First, you need to collect the recipe for glass, to get it you need to defeat Level 44 V Blood called Cristina the Sun Priestess who Roam the roads in Dunley Farmlands. Once you will defeat the boss then you can get

  • Powers: Purgatory
  • Recipes: Glass, Empty Glass Bottle, Holy Resistance Potion, Blood Rose Potion

Now, that you have collected Glass and Empty Glass Bottle Recipes, and need to go to your furnace room in your castle to craft glass. To craft glass, you need to insert 20 Quartz into your furnace to get a piece of glass. If you don’t know where you can farm Quartz then first check out the How To Get Quartz in V Rising guide.

You need 4 glass panes to craft a Glass Bottle. After collecting the glass panes you need to go to the Alchemy Table and put them into the container.

Quartz Location in V Rising

You can visit Dawnbreak Village in Dunley Farmlands which is one of the best Quartz farm locations. You need to search the church and see some white nodes right in that location. You can also look for other useful materials like ScrollClothWool Thread and more items at this place.

The task is not easy because you might encounter powerful enemies and bosses at this place. This region is occupied by the Christina the Sun Priestess of Level 44 and Jade the Vampire Hunter of Level 62. You can avoid the enemies and bosses or you can be ready to defeat them.

Along with Dawnbreak village in Dunley Farmlands, you can also look for other locations for farming Quartz like Mosswick Village and Dunley Monastery in Dunley Farmlands.

This was the guide on How to Craft an Empty Glass Bottle in V Rising. We hope this guide will help you to get the items. You can also check out other V Rising guides like How To Make Ghost Yarn In V Rising.

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