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V Rising

How To Get All V Rising Vampire Powers

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How to Get Every Form in V Rising

Want to get various Vampire Powers in V Rising then here we are going to share a guide that helps you to know how to unlock and effects of the power.

V Rising has 10 Vampire Powers that you can unlock to progress in the game. V Rising is a vampire survival game and you can get damage through a Sun, holy power, garlic, and other things.

You can take the help of transforming which helps you to escape faster. Six Vampire powers are transformational and others are buffed Vampiric abilities.

How to Get Every Form in V Rising

Here, we have shared how to unlock Vampire Powers in V Rising and its effects:

Vampire PowerHow to Unlock
Rat FormDefeat the Putrid Rat to unlock Rat Form
Toad FormDefeat The Duke of Balaton (Level 62)
Wolf FormDefeat Alpha Wolf (Level 16)
Bear FormDefeat Ferocious Bear ( Level 36)
Human FormDefeat Beatrice the Tailor (Level 38)
Bat FormDefeat Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer (Level 76)
Blood HungerDefeat Tristan the Vampire Hunter (Level 46)
Blood MendAvailable from the beginning
Dominating PresenceCraft a Servant’s coffin to get Vampire Power
Expose Vein

This is the guide on How to Get Every Form in V Rising. If you like these guides then never forget to check out V Rising Ability Tier List to choose the best Ability. You can also check V Rising Iron Ore Best Farming Location and V Rising Foulrot The Soultaker Location guide.

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