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The Cycle Frontier

Where to Find Copper Wire In The Cycle: Frontier



Where to Find Copper Wire In The Cycle: Frontier

The Cycle: Frontier has become a very popular FPS video game. In this game, you need to complete a mission given by the Faction.

You can explore Fortuna III and loot various materials to progress in the game. You can interact with the faction and take some missions to complete on the alien planets. Here, we are going to share a guide on one such material Copper Wire that helps you in the game.

Copper Wire Overview

Copper Wire is a common material on the Cycle Frontier. You can use this material to make good and cheap electric conductors. The selling price of the Copper Wire is 150 K-Marks. You can also sell the material to get K-Marks.

Copper Wire Location

 Where to Find Copper Wire In The Cycle: Frontier
Image Source: YAGER

You can find the Copper in the Korolev structures. Search for the material in the Dumpsters within the Korolev structure to loot the item. If you are on the Bright Sand Map then go towards the East Collection Point and spawn the material in a good number. Along with this, you can also go towards the Science Campus to find the Copper Wire.

This was the guide on the Where to Find Copper Wire In The Cycle: Frontier. If you like this guide then never forget to check out other guides of The Cycle: Frontier such as Miniature Reactor Location and Polymetallic Prefabricate The Cycle Location. You can also explore other guides of the game by going to The Cycle: Frontier section.

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