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The Cycle Frontier

The Cycle Frontier’s All Faction Kordlev, ICA & Osiris



The Cycle Frontier's All Faction Kordlev, ICA & Osiris

The Cycle Frontier is a first-shooter video game and defines “competitive quest shooter” by Yager who is a developer of the game. You can choose your duties for a specific faction so, this will helps you to level up and get some rewards to progress in the game.

The total number of three factions is available in The Cycle Frontier. You can get different rewards when you level them up in the game. If you are confused to choose a faction in The Cycle Frontier then here we are going to share a complete guide.

All Faction In The Cycle Frontier

The game factions are divided into three named Kordlev, ICA & Osiris. Here, you can know all about these three The Cycle: Frontier factions.


Korolev Heavy Industries is one of the best factions that have specialization in constructing structures and machines. Korolev Heavy Industries is known as a powerhouse.

Vadim Tanayev is the head of operations for Korolev on Fortuna III in Cycle: Frontier. This faction is also looking for Fortun’s uniques materials and provides wide variety armor and weaponry.


Independent Civilian Advisory Faction has great aims because they focus on the repurposed resources and parts abroad the station. Marie Gilber-Ravel as a representative of IOC.


Osiris focus on the research of innovative technologies. They work on researching Fortuna’s flora and fauna and the planet’s old architecture. Emmanual Sullivan is the representative or head of the operation for Osiris. This young company helps the player for players mobility.

Which Faction Is Best In The Cycle Frontier

If you want to level up then Osiris is the best faction. But before choosing the faction make sure you are comfortable with that or suits your playstyle.

This was everything about The Cycle Frontier’s Faction Kordlev, ICA & Osiris and which faction is best in the game. You can also check out other The Cycle Frontier guides like Textile Location In The Cycle Frontier and more in the game guides section.

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