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The Cycle Frontier

The Cycle Frontier: Flawed Veltecite Location



The Cycle Frontier: Flawed Veltecite Location

The Cycle: Frontier has different types of Veltecite like Cloudy Veltecite, Clear Veltecite, Pure Veltecite and Flawed Veltecite. You can use this Veltecite to progress in the game.

If you are looking for other Veltecite guides then we have also posted a separate article on Cloudy Veltecite, Clear Veltecite and Pure Veltecite guides. Here, we are going to cover all about Flawed Veltecite like What is Flawed Veltecite, its Location and its uses.

What is Flawed Veltecite?

Flawed Veltecite is a type of Ore and common material on the Fortuna III. You can sell the material and get 150 K-Marks. You have one more option to get benefit from it and that is to earn 2 Faction Points to level up your rank.

Flawed Veltecite Location

You can mine the Flawed Veltecite on Fortuna III. You can search for Flawed Veltecite inside the faint blue rocks near waterfalls in the Cycle. Flawed Veltecite is mostly located near Waterfalls. You can use Mineral Scanner to find the mineral veins.

The Cycle Frontier Flawed Veltecite Location
Image Source: YAGER

The best place to mine the Flawed Veltecite is the Waterfall, hidden cave and river around Waterfall Lab, Lake and Waterfalls. You can also explore other waterfall areas also to mine the material.

How to Mine Flawed Veltecite in The Cycle?

You need to go near the waterfall and search for the rocks that look faint blue in colour inside them. You need to use a Pickaxe to hit the rock and mine Veltecite.

Inside the rock, you will find various Veltecite but Flawed Veltecite is common so, you will not face any difficulty to mine the Flawed Veltecite. You can also explore a hidden cave near the waterfall to mine the material

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