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The Cycle Frontier

The Cycle Frontier: Smart Mesh Location And Use



Smart Mesh

Crafting or Printing is one of the best ways to get your desired items in The Cycle Frontier. You can use this method to make some important items and weapons that you need to progress in the game.

Here, we are going to share a guide on Smart Mesh and its location which is one of those resources that you need to craft some items in the game.

Smart Mesh Overview

Smart Mesh is a very rare and adaptable resource that you can loot in the game and use for crafting various items. With the help of this Smart Mesh, you can craft various items like Heavy-Duty Backpack, Laser Drill Beacon, Shield, All Muzzle Suppressors and Print Resin.

If you don’t want to craft any items then you can sell the Smart Mesh and earn 750 K-Marks or you can earn 19 faction points to level up your rank in the Korolev faction.

Smart Mesh Location

Smart Mesh Location
Image Credit: YAGER

As we mentioned above Smart Mesh is a very rare material in the game. If you have chosen the Bright Sands then go towards the middle of the Base Camp to loot some Smart Mesh. After that, you can find this material around Dig Site and Abandoned Mine.

Image Credit: YAGER

If you are in Crescent Falls then here you will find multiple places to loot the Smart Mesh. You can go towards the Favela in the south and continue towards the Nutrion Farms Processing. You can also go towards a few other places to loot the Smart Mesh such as Starport Warehouse and the area near Geends Prospect.

Smart Mesh Use

You can use this material to craft various items like:

  • Heavy-Duty Backpack
  • Laser Drill Beacon
  • Shield
  • All Muzzle Suppressors
  • Print Resin

This was the guide on The Cycle Frontier: Smart Mesh Location & Use. If you like the guide then never forget to check out other guides of the game like The Cycle Frontier Resin Gun Location and Pure Veltecite Location.

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