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The Cycle Frontier

The Cycle Frontier: Shock Absorber Location Guide



The Cycle Frontier: Shock Absorber Location Guide

If you are going to Crafting Autoloader, MKM Ultralight Stock and Autoloader then Shock Absorber is one of the items that help you to craft them. Here, we are going to share a guide on Shock Absorber Location.

What Is Shock Absorber?

Shock Absorber is one of the most helpful crafting or printing material in the game. You can use this to craft Autoloader, MKM Ultralight Stock and Autoloader. If you don’t want to use this item then you have the option to sell them for 759 K-Marks.

If you want to get more K-Marks then you need to loot the items as you can. You have one more option to get the benefit of having Shock Absorber and that is to earn 8 Faction Points to level up your rank.

Shock Absorber Location

Shock Absorber Location Bright Sand
Image Credit: YAGER

You can explore the Map of The Cycle: Frontier to find out the items. Mostly the items located in the Korolev Areas. If you are in the Bright Sands Map then go towards the Science Campus and explore area around to get the Shock Absorber. You can also go towards the Base Camp then North Uplink to loot Shock Absorber. Explore area around the Vaccine Labs and Dig Site to get more.

Shock Absorber Locations Crescent Falls
Image Credit: YAGER

If you have selected the Crescent Falls Map then you need to go towards the Favela in South direction then move towards the Lakeside Building and North-West direction of Green Prospect to loot Shock Absorber.

You can check the marked location given in the image above for better understanding to find the items easily. We have marked location of Shock Absorber on Bright Sands and Crescent Falls Map.

This was the guide on the The Cycle Frontier: Shock Absorber Location. If this guide helps you then never forget to check out other Loot Items guides like Titan Ore Location and Magnetic Field Stabilizer Location.

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