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Pure Veltecite Location In The Cycle: Frontier



Pure Veltecite Location In The Cycle: Frontier

The Cycle: Frontier is a first-person shooter video game and you have to choose a fraction to go on a mission as a prospector. You can find various minerals on the Alien planet and Pure Veltecite is one of those. Here we are going to share a guide on Pure Veltecite and its location.

You can find various types of Veltecite in the game like Flawed, Cloudy, Pure and Clear Veltecite. All this Veltecite is different in loot and all can be farmed from the same mineral veins. Pure Veltecite is a rare mineral and is required for some quests and for high-level crafts.

You need to mine for the Veltecite mineral to get it. Here we will help you to spot the farming location of Pure Veltecite. So, before going to mine the mineral make sure you have mining tools in your inventory.

Pure Veltecite Location (Bright Sands)

Pure Veltecite Location (Bright Sands)
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You can mine the Pure Veltecite on Bright Sands and Crescent Falls. You can search for Veltecite Veins near the river and waterfall. Pure Veltecite is mostly located near Waterfalls. You can use Mineral Scanner to find the mineral veins. Focus on the rocks with purple gems sticking out and mine.

If you have chosen Bright Sands Map then you can find Pure Veltecite on the north side. You can go towards the Waterfall Lab and create your way to the coastal area. You can find lots of mineral veins if you will stick with the waterfalls. You can also go towards the river south to the Eastern Caverns to find a lot of mineral veins.

After Eastern Caverns, you can go towards the rocky area Lagoon to find the various mineral veins to mine the Pure Veltecite. From Lagoon you can go towards the Science Campus and find mineral veins near the river. You can also find the mineral veins near Water Facility, near Swamp Camp Jungle Camp and many other places marked on the map given above.

Pure Veltecite Location (Crescent Falls)

Pure Veltecite Location (Crescent Falls)
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Crescent Falls also have the various location to farm Pure Veltecite. You can find the minerals veins near various locations like Jungle Thermal Ponds, Starport Landing Pad, Fallen Tree, Lagoon and Root Rock Tunnel. Pure Veltecite is mostly located near Waterfalls so, don’t ignore the Waterfalls near the location and the river as well.

How Rare Is Pure Veltecite?

This mineral is really very rare in both maps because it is very expensive. They can mine it and sell them to get 1,922 K-Marks. If you want to earn 19 faction points then you can also do it with the Korolev faction. You can also use 3 Pure Veltecites with 4 Meteor Cores and 1 Alpha Crusher Heart to craft one NV Helmet.

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