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The Cycle Frontier

The Cycle Frontier: Pure Focus Crystal Location



The Cycle Frontier: Pure Focus Crystal Location

The Cycle: Frontier offers you various items, weapons and resources to successfully complete your mission assigned by a selected faction. You need to explore Fortuna III and collect various items and materials.

Pure Focus Crystal is one of those materials that you can loot from Fortuna III and use in the game to level up. Here, we are going to share a Pure Focus Crystal Location for Bright Sands Map and Crescent Falls and also going to explain its importance.

Pure Focus Crystal

Pure Focus Crystal is very common on Fortuna III. These are valuable items that you can find in the Jungles with the help of Mineral Scanner. This is a valuable mineral for the station because this material is often used in the creation of miniature figures.

The weight of one Pure Focus Crystal is 4 and you can sell the material in exchange for 2,883 K-Marks.  You have one more option to get the benefit of having Pure Focus Crystal, to earn 29 Faction Points to level up your rank.

Pure Focus Crystal Location

You can obtain Pure Focus Crystal from the Jungles of Fortuna III. Before going to search for the minerals make sure you have a Mineral Scanner to detect the exact location of Pure Focus Crystal.

Location on Bright Sands

The Cycle Frontier Pure Focus Crystal Location
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If you are on the Bright Sands Map then you can find the material in different places. First, you can go in the North-West direction to mine the Pure Focus Crystal from the FocusCrystal Vein. The spawn percentage in the daytime and during the storm is 16.

You can explore the Jungle and area around Crashed Ship, Jungle Camp and Dig Site to get the material. Apart from this, you can to the East Collection Point and explore the area around Base Camp to get the items from the Industrial Crate.

Location on Crescent Falls Map

If you have selected a Crescent Falls Map then, here you will get Pure Focus Crystal in the large amounts. You can explore the Jungle around the Favela and the West side Jungle of Nutrion Farms Processing to get the material. After that, you can go towards the Lake Side Building and explore the West area.

Then go to the North side and explore the area around Green Prospect. After that, you can go towards the Starport Warehous and Oasis to obtain the material. You can also go towards the End of the North East direction Near the Skeleton Observation Site to find Pure Focus Crystal.

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