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The Cycle Frontier

Portable Labs Location In The Cycle Frontier

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Portable Labs Location In The Cycle Frontier

The Cycle Frontier has two different locations one is Fortuna III where you can fight with creatures and loot various items and the second is Prospect Station where you can buy and sell gear and items to be ready for the upcoming combat and drop.

Portable Lab is a full lab in a single box that contains all types of specialized materials and equipment that you can be repurposed. This lab is full of delicate tools, sensitive software and no manual. The c

Where To Find Portable Labs Location

Portable Labs In The Cycle Frontier
Image Credit: YAGER

You can find Portable Labs in the Science Campus of Osiris Faction. This is a type of loot item as well as epic. The cost of the Portable Labs is 7,700 K-Marks. You can also use the following materials to craft Portable Labs:

This was the guide on Portable Labs Location In The Cycle Frontier. You can easily go to the location and get this epic Portable lab to progress in the game. This Lab will definitely help you in the game. If you want to get other guides on The Cycle Frontier then never forget to check out Textile Location In The Cycle Frontier and All Weapons In The Cycle Frontier Guide.

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