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The Cycle Frontier: Miniature Reactor Location



Miniature Reactor Location

A miniature Reactor is one of the high-power materials in The Cycle: Frontier. If you are looking for the Miniature Reactor Location and its uses then you have landed in the perfect place. Here, we are going to share a complete guide on the Miniature Reactor Location.

Item crafting is one of the best ways to get the items that you don’t have. You can use 2-3 materials and some K-Marks to craft various items. Miniature Reactor also plays an important role to craft some items in the game.

What Is Miniature Reactor?

A miniature Reactor is a valuable material in The Cycle: Frontier. This is a rare material that can be found on the Fortuna III. Use this material to craft various items like Medium Creature DMG, Medium Extended, Medium Extended Quickdraw and Ultralight Stock.

If you don’t want to use this material then sell Miniature Reactor and get 2025 K-Marks. You have one more option to get benefit from it and that is to earn 20 Faction Points to level up your rank.

Miniature Reactor Location In The Cycle: Frontier

Miniature Reactor Location In The Cycle: Frontier
Image Via Obiss On YouTube

To get a miniature Reactor first, you need to solve Power Station Puzzle. If you are on the Bright Sands Map then check the box in the rooms to loot the material. You can check Water Facility, East Collection Point and Dig Site to loot the item.

This was the guide on The Cycle Frontier: Miniature Reactor Location and its uses. If you want to get other guides for the game then never forget to check out other guides of the game like The Cycle: Frontier Ball Bearings Location and Hydraulic Piston Location.

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