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The Cycle Frontier

Magnetic Field Stabilizer Location In The Cycle: Frontier



Magnetic Field Stabilizer Location In The Cycle: Frontier

Printing is the perfect way to get your desired items in The Cycle Frontier. You can use this method to make some important items and weapons in the game.

Here, we have prepared a guide on Magnetic Field Stabilizer and its location which is one of those resources that you need to print some items in the game.

Magnetic Field Stabilizer

Magnetic Field Stabilizer is an important component for certain weapons with high power usage. You can loot this uncommon material easily. Use this material to print Portable Lab. If you don’t want to use this material then you have an option to sell it for some K-Marks or gain 3 faction points.

Magnetic Field Stabilizer Location

If you are in the Bright Sands Map then you can find Magnetic Field Stabilizer on servral places like Near Crashed Ship, Dig Site, Southern area of Base Camp and western area of North Uplink. You can also loot some Magnetic Field Stabilizers in Science Campus.

If you are in the Crescent Falls Map then you should go towards the The Camp Power Up Room north side to loot the material. You can also explore some other places such as Lakeside Building, Favela and Nutrion Farms Processing backside Jungle area.

This was the guide on Magnetic Field Stabilizer Location In The Cycle: Frontier. If you like the guide then never forget to check out other guides of the game like The Cycle Frontier Resin Gun Location Guide and How to Get Aurum In The Cycle Frontier.

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