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The Cycle Frontier

The Cycle: Frontier – Hardened Bone Plates Location



The Cycle: Frontier - Hardened Bone Plates Location

Want to know the Hardened Bone Plates Location, if yes then here we are going to share a complete guide on How to get to Hardened Bone Plates Location in The Cycle: Frontier.

You need to choose a faction in The Cycle: Frontier and complete the mission assigned by the faction. You can explore the Fortuna III and loot various items. The game has various materials to collect and use. Hardened Bone Plates is one of that material.

What Are Hardened Bone Plates?

Hardened Bone Plates are uncommon materials that can be used to print some items. You can use this material with others to print Helmet and Shield. The value of the material is high.

If you don’t want to print any items then sell Hardened Bone Plated for 3,417 K-Marks. You have one more option to get the benefit of having an Interactive Screen and that is to earn 34 Faction Points to level up your rank.

Hardened Bone Plates Location

It’s not easy to get Hardened Bone Plates because you need to kill Marauders to obtain the material from their drops. Blue colour Marauder is also known as Jeff. These are the toughest creatures on Fortuna III. The creature has strong health and armor. You can explore the Map to find the Creature and kill to get the material.

How To Kill Marauder?

Video Source: Phixate On Youtube

Marauder can hear your gunshot sound and attack. You can shoot on the chin or mount the area of the marauder to give high damage. The creature uses two different spit attacks, Meatball Lob which leaves acid on the ground and Spit Beam which is shot in a straight line. Use better weapons to kill the creature in less time.

This was the guide on Hardened Bone Plates Location and How To Kill Maraude in the Cycle Frontier game. If you still looking for the other guides for the game then never forget to check out How To Get Charged Spinal Bases and Co-Tec Multitool Location.

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