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The Cycle Frontier

The Cycle: Frontier Meteor Core Guide



The Cycle: Frontier Meteor Core Guide

The Cycle: Frontier is one of the most popular FPS games that offers you the role of prospector. You need to complete the mission assigned by a faction. While on the mission at Fortuna III, you will find different types of resources and materials.

Meteor Core is one of those resources that you can loot from the Fortuna III. Here, we are going to share a guide on Frontier Meteor Core Location and its uses.

What is Meteor Core?

Meteor Core is a type of ore and Epic radioactive crystal in The Cycle Frontier. This material can be obtained from the cracked moon debris on the Alien planet. Use this material to in Questing and Craft or Print various items and weapons like Karma-1, Komrad, Zeus Beam and NV Helmet.

Meteor Core is also expensive material. Sell this material to get 7,594. The weight of the material is 25 Pound. You can also use Meteor Core for 76 Faction points to level up your rank.

Meteor Core Location in The Cycle: Frontier

Meteor Core Location in The Cycle: Frontier
Image Source: TurtleBear (YouTube)

You can search for the Meteors on the surface of Fortuna III and mine to get the material. This heavy Meteor falls from the sky on the land of Fortuna III. You can speculate Meteor showers by smoke lines from the sky.

Go towards the falling Meteors and wait for the end of the Meteor Shower because you will die if a heavy Meteor falls on your head. Apart from this make sure you are in a multiplayer mode or have enough weapons because other prospectors will also attract here to mine Meteor Core. Find the Core Meteors in the middle of the large meteor.

This was the guide on The Cycle: Frontier Meteor Core. If this guide helps you to get the material then never forget to check out other loot guides for the game like The Cycle Frontier: Crafting/Printing Recipes and Textile Location In The Cycle Frontier.

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