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The Cycle Frontier

Electronic Cables Location – The Cycle: Frontier



Electronic Cables Location - The Cycle: Frontier

Electronic Cables are common material in The Cycle: Frontier. You can find the material across the map in Cabinets. Here, we are going to share a guide on Electronic Cables Location In The Cycle: Frontier.

If you will find a bundle of Electronic Cables that is not platinum-plated then that is not good for true audio transmission. You can find the material on both maps, Bright Sands and Crescent Falls.

What Is Electronic Cables?

Electronic Cables are a material in the cycle that helps you to upgrade your personal quarters. Use the material with others to craft or print various items like Laser Drill Beacon, Audio Decoy, Tactical Helmet and Derelict Explosives.

If you don’t want to use this material then sell it to get 150 K-Marks. The weight of the material is 6 Pound. You can also use Electronic Cables to earn 2 Faction points to level up your rank.

Electronic Cables Location In The Cycle Frontier

Electronic Cables can be found in the Cabinet, Luggage, and Briefcases that are scattered around the map. The higher chances to get the material is from Cabinet. On the Bright Sands Map, you will find various places where you can spawn Electronic Cables.

Base Camp and the area around the place is one of the best places to loot the item. You can also explore other locations on the map such as Jungle Camp, Waterfall Lab, Jungle Camp and Comms Tower to loot the item.

If you have chosen the Crescent Falls Map then explore the Greens Prospect and its outside area. After that, you can go towards the Starport Warehouse, Pinnacle Labs, Favela and Little Camp to search for the item. Never forget to explore outside the Jungle area of the location.

This was the guide on the Electronic Cables Location and its uses. We hope this guide will help you to spawn the material. You can also check out other guides of the game such as Textile Location In The Cycle Frontier and Magic-grow Fertilizer.

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