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The Cycle Frontier

Altered Nickel The Cycle Frontier Guide



Altered Nickel The Cycle Frontier Guide

Altered Nickel is a type of resource available on the Fortuna III. You can explore the map to find the resources and use them for many purposes. Here, we are going to share Altered Nickel Location guides and their uses.

This is an uncommon resource spread in multiple places at Fortuna III. You can also craft Altered Nickel in The Cycle. Let’s start the guide with the Altered Nickel introduction.

What Is Altered Nickel?

Altered Nickel is an uncommon and loot resource that can be found in the mineral veins. You can find the resources in the different places on the Fortuna III. If you don’t want to loot the items then you have one more option to get the resources and that is crafting Altered Nickel. The resources can be crafted with the help of 680 K-Marks and 5 Nickel.

Altered Nickel can be used as a crafting material to craft many items in the Cycle Frontier like Large Backpack and Medium Backpack. The selling value of the resources is 338 K-Marks. Sell the resources if you don’t need to use or you can earn 3 Faction points to level up your rank.

Altered Nickel Location

The chances to find the resources are very higher in Nickel Veins. You can also check out Industrial Crate to loot the resources. Use the mineral scanner to easily find Nickel Veins. If you don’t have the mineral scanner then go to the vendor at the space station first and get the mineral scanner.

Bright Sands Altered Nickel Location
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You can mine Green Color Altered Nickel from the Nickel Veins with the help of a pickaxe. If you have selected a Bright Sands Map then go towards the Base Camp and Dig Site to find a lot of nickel veins around the outside of the location. Also, explore other locations like East Caverns, Water Facility, Swamp Camp, Lagoon and outside area to find Nickel Veins.

Crescent Falls Altered Nickel Location
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If you are on the Crescent Falls Map then go towards the Osiris Wildlife Preserve and explore the area to find the Veins of the Nickel to mine the resources. You can also explore Lakeside Building outside the jungle area to mine the resources. Nickel Veins spread on the multiple places on the map, you can explore and mine the resources.

This was the guide on the Altered Nickel Location and its uses. If you like the guide then never forget to check out other guides of the game like Radio Equipment The Cycle Frontier and  Biological Sampler Location.

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