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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Rachnoid Mesmersilk Location

Want to know Rachnoid Mesmersilk Location? if yes then here you can learn all about the Rachnoid Mesmersilk and its location.

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Rachnoid Mesmersilk Location

Rachnoid Mesmersilk is a new and special Master Rank Material in Monster Hunter Rise that introduces in the Sunbreak Expansion. You can use this material for crafting armor and armor sets.

In this guide, we will share all about Rachnoid Mesmersilk Sunbreak such as introduction, location, uses and much more. You can get all information related to the item in this guide so, be with us till the end.

What Is Rachnoid Mesmersilk in MHR Sunbreak?

Rachnoid Mesmersilk is a Master Rank Material in the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. This is one of the special items that can be obtained from completing Quests, and missions and looting the environment.

This item can also be obtained by carving particular Monsters. Mostly Rachnoid Mesmersilk can be obtained from hunting the monster. You can use the material for Crafting and upgrading a hunter’s equipment.

The selling price and rarity of the item are 650z and 8 respectively.

How To Get Rachnoid Mesmersilk?

You can get Rachnoid Mesmersilk Sunbreak after hunting the small monster of Temnocerans species named Rachnoid at the time of Master Rank Quest or Expedition Tour. The chances to drop the item from Rachnoid is 53%.

This material is only obtained in Master Rank and not in Hight and Low Rank. You can find the Rachnoid in the Sandy Plains and Lava Caverns.

Rachnoid Mesmersilk Uses

Rachnoid Mesmersilk Uses

You can use this item to craft various Armor and Armor Set such as:

  • Armor Set
    • Aelucanth X Set
    • Bnahabra X Set
    • Rhopessa X Set
  • Armor
    • Aelucanth Thorax X
    • Bnahabra Coil X
    • Rhopessa Thorax X

This was the guide on the Rachnoid Mesmersilk Location and Uses. You can also explore other guides of the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak such as How To Get Kestodon Husk and How To Get Aelucanth X Set and use this item to go higher on the game.

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