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How To Get Pale Steak – MHRise

Pale Steak is a very helpful material in MH Rise to craft and upgrade various materials such as Khezu Greaves S, Khenzu Mail X, Full Bolt Chamber



Pale Steak In MH Rise

Pale Steak is material in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). This is one type of special item that you can obtain in the game used for upgrading and crafting various equipment.

You can easily obtain this material with the help of the “How To Get Pale Steak in MHR” guides. Here, we have shared a complete guide for the material.

Pale Steak MH Rise

Pale Steak is fatty meat obtained from a Khezu this looks delicious but you can not eat this material. You can use this material for upgrading and crafting various weapons and High and Master Rank Armor. Let’s know about the weapon and armor that use this material.

List of Armor That Needs Pale Steak

  • High-Rank Armor
    • Khezu S Set
      • Khezu Greaves S
  • Master Rank Armor
    • Khezu X Set
      • Khenzu Mail X

List of Weapons That Needs Pale Steak To Upgrade

  • K. Captain’s Blade II
  • Painful Razor
  • Full Bolt Chamber
  • Galvanized Core
  • Khezu Shock Blade
  • Khezu Cleaver
  • Khezu Flute
  • High Volt Gunlance
  • Khezu Skards
  • Bag o’ Thunder
  • Khezu Hypo

How To Get Pale Steak In MHR?

Khezu drop Pale Steak

You can obtain Pale Steak in Master and High Rank from a Large Monster of Flying Wyvern named Khezu. This monster is very hostile at close range.

You can find the monster on Frost Islands and Lava Caverns. The weakness of the Khezu is Fire. Thunder, Water, Ice and Dragon is a Resistances of the monster.

That’s we cover everything about Pale Steak MH Rise. You can also explore other guides of the Monster Hunter Rise such as How To Get Kestodon Husk and Locked Treasure Chest.

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