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MHR Sunbreak How To Get Supple Piel

Here on this page, we have shared the most updated and detailed guide on the mhr sunbreak how to get supple piel and also the uses and drop rate.




MHR Sunbreak How To Get Supple Piel

As soon as the new sunbreak got released gamers get crazy about the game as developers have introduced so many different things in the game like weapons, abilities, characters, monsters and different materials and today will are going to discuss about a new material introduced in the game that is Supple Piel.

As we all know the importance of the armours and weapons in the MHR Sunbreak how difficult it is to get good armours and weapons because of the materials it needed to craft and Supple Piel is one of such materials that is used in crafting different weapons and armours even it can help you craft master rank armour and weapons. But the question that arises here is how and where you can find the Supple Piel?

MHR Sunbreak How To Get Supple Piel?

Armour That Needs Supple Piel?

In order to get this material you have to visit Areas 1, 8, 11, and 12 in Frost Island and there you have to search for the Zamite from which you can crave the master rank material. You will have only a 35% chance to get the Supple Piel in each craving, but getting zamite is not easy as you will find many different monsters around the place so try to ignore them if they do not bother you but if they do you can kill them and progress.

Armour That Needs Supple Piel?

  • Barioth Vambraces X (gauntlets) – 3
  • Edel Creeper X (gauntlets) – 1
  • Edel Roots X (boots) – 2
  • Edel Visor X (helmet) – 1
  • Makluva Hood X (helmet) – 2
  • Makluva Pants X (boots) – 1

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