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MHR Sunbreak: How To Get Barioth X Armor Set

Want to know how you can get this awesome Barioth X Armor Set then don’t worry here is the guide related to that to help you get the armor.




Barioth X Armor Set is the latest Armor Set available in the MHR Sunbreak that is strong against Ice and weak against Fire here is the guide on how you can get this armor.

Barioth X is a Master Rank Armor Set introduced by the developers in the Sunbreak Expansion that a player can form with the help of five different pieces of the Armor Set.

How To Get Barioth X Armor Set?

Anjanath X Armor Set is a Master Rank Armor Set in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This Master Rank Armor Set is comprised of 5 different pieces such as Barioth Helm X, Barioth Mail X, Barioth Vambraces X, Barioth Coil X, and Barioth Greaves X.

When you are equipped Barioth Armor Set and its pieces you will get combined skills that will help you in the game.

How To Get Barioth X Set In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak?

How To Get Barioth X Set In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak?
Credit – Capcon

In order to get Barioth X Armor Set best way is to craft it and below we have mentioned different materials that you can use to craft the armor.

How to Craft Barioth Helm X?

  • Frocium x3
  • Amber Hardfang x2
  • 12000 Zenny
  • Barioth Cortex x4
  • Barioth Thickfur x3

How to Craft Barioth Mail X?

  • Large Wyverm Gem x1
  • Barioth Thickfur x4
  • Barioth Hardclaw x3
  • 12000 Zenny
  • Cryo Sac x1

How to Craft Barioth Vambraces X?

  • Supple Piel x3
  • Barioth Cortex x4
  • 12000 Zenny
  • Barioth Thickfur x1
  • Cryo Sac x2

How to Craft Barioth Coil X?

  • Barioth Lash x2
  • Barioth Cortex x4
  • Cryo Sac x1
  • Great Baggi Thickhide x2
  • 12000 Zenny

How to Craft Barioth Greaves X?

  • Great Baggi Claw + x2
  • Barioth Thickfur x3
  • Barioth Hardclaw x2
  • 12000 Zenny
  • Barioth Greatspike x2

So with the help of all the materials, you can easily craft the Armor and you can check more armors that we have shared on our website and here are they How To Get Anjanath X Armor SetHow To Get Almudron X Armor Set, How To Get Baggi X Armor Set

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