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MHR Sunbreak: How To Get Afflicted Claws

You can get Afflicted Claws in Sunbreak from different Monsters in the Quest and Master Rank. Use the material for crafting different Equipment.

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How To Get Afflicted Claws In MHRise Sunbreak

Afflicted Claws is the latest Master Rank Material in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). This is one of the special materials that you can obtain in the game and is used for crafting various weapons and armor.

You can easily get the Afflicted Claws Sunbreak Material with the help of this guide. Here, we are going to share complete details for the material so, you can easily get it and use it for crafting various equipment in Monster Hunter Rise.

Afflicted Claws MHR Sunbreak

Afflicted Claws is a new material in Monster Hunter Rise that was introduced in the Sunbreak Expansion. This is a special material of Master Rank that you can obtain in the game and use for crafting various Weapons. The rarity of the material is 8 and the Sell value is 6500z.

How To Get Afflicted Claws?

Afflicted Claws Sunbreak MHR

You may obtain Afflicted Claws in Sunbreak from different Monsters in the Quest and Master Rank. The chances to get the material from the monster mentioned below is around 20%. Here, all the monsters and their location that drop the material.

Monster NameMonster ClassHowLocation
AlmudronLeviathanCarve Anomaly QuestsShrine Ruins, Sandy Plains and Flooded Forest
Aurora SomnacanthLeviathansCarve Anomaly QuestsFrost Islands and The Citadel
Goss HaragFanged BeastCarve Anomaly QuestsFrost Islands and The Citadel
Rakna-KadakiTemnoceransCarve Anomaly QuestsFrost Islands and The Citadel

Where To Use Afflicted Claws In MHRise Sunbreak?

You can use this material to craft different weapons such as:

  • Kurenawi Kunpuu +
  • Huge Tigrex Skull +
  • Mountainous Torrent +
  • Wyvern Crasher
  • Egil
  • Forlorn Firestorm
  • Abominable Frostblade
  • Snakesmaw
  • Tigrex Supreme Sword +
  • Vadel Frostedge
  • Lampa Da Lavater
  • Eventide Kazanagi +
  • Flicker Blizzard Jab
  • Felyne Artillery
  • Great Tigerclaw Glaive +
  • Iceberg Tunggul
  • Thunder Dragon
  • Fiery Rath
  • Ceaseless Shadow
  • Luci Da Lavater
  • Bullet Storm (Viper)
  • Abominable Snowshot
  • Icecloak Bowgun
  • Astalos Flashblaster
  • Peace Bringer
  • Uroktor Tempest
  • Far North Pole
  • Seering Rathling Phoenix
  • Akanesasu Divider +
  • Astalos Archblade
  • Rathalos Shriekedge
  • Great Tigrex Wargun +
  • Roaring Bowgun
  • Royal Order’s Crossbow +
  • Striking Axe +
  • Shocking Axe
  • Gluttonous Glacier
  • Amagarex Blade +
  • Enspirited Ifrit
  • Divine Fieldblade +
  • Flamlion Blade
  • Flicker Blizzard Wail
  • Chef’s Ultimate Knife
  • Bruising Beak
  • Antique Machina SS
  • Mud Shredders
  • Huge Tigrex Claws +
  • Dark Aurora +
  • Fengul Frostclaws
  • Twin Wyvern Bolts
  • Royal Order’s Battleaxe +
  • Sacred Espadas
  • Royal Order’s Rapiers +
  • Antique Machina DB
  • Crawling Crusher
  • Ent Da Lavater
  • Huge Tigrex Blade +
  • Great Tigrex Sword +
  • Winter’s Feast Hatchet
  • Astalos Rapier
  • Flaming Wyvern Lovers
  • Glistening Snow Claws
  • Elegant Jelly
  • Abyss Bringer Blade
  • Wyvern Blade “Alexa”
  • Desperate Roar +
  • Tamonowo Zekkarei +
  • Moonbrand “Lua Cheia”
  • Doomsday Hammer
  • Astalos Striker
  • Huge Tigrex Hammer +
  • Ouroboros Serpentblade
  • Lunacry
  • Flicker Blizzard Blow
  • Rathalos Cosh
  • Abominable Avalanche
  • Cataclysmic Portent
  • Sublime Bell +
  • Doomed Bell
  • Kampa Da Lavater
  • Tigrex Roar +
  • Flicker Blizzard Flute
  • Grünlicht Flap
  • Harmonic Resonance
  • Ophelia’s Grace
  • Royal Order’s Horn +
  • Abominable Spike
  • Wyvern Blade “Scarlet”
  • Antique Machina IG
  • Flicker Blizzard Slash
  • Kamura’s Legacy
  • Enlightenment Hammer +
  • Kimi Ga Kiru Kasa +

This was the guide to How To Get Afflicted Claws in Sunbreak. If you also want to get other guides on the game then never forget to check out Sinister Grundge Tassets and Somnacanth Sedative.

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