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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Best Bow Build

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is a huge role-playing genre game that gives 100th of hours gameplay to the players and gives a great gaming experience to the gamers. Also, different players have different gameplay that hugely depends on their choice of weapons.




You will see different types of weapons in the Monster Hunter Rise that range from Bow to Hammer and From Swords to Hunting Horn. But on this page, we will talk about Bows and mainly about the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Best Bow Build.

Although there are not many good ranged weapons options in Monster Hunter Rise but still if you compared the options with the Bow you can see the difference in how good the Bow is in killing enemies from far.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Best Bow Build

Sunbreak Best Bow Build
Credit – Capcom

Below we have mentioned the complete set and also some extra pieces that you can consider.

Mighty Bow FeatherBow Charge Plus Lvl. 1
Zinogre Mail XLatent Power Lvl. 1, Thunder Attack Lvl. 2, and Weakness Exploit Lvl. 2
Zinogre Braces XConstitution Lvl. 2, Critical Element Lvl. 1, and Latent Power Lvl. 1
Remobra Belt XCritical Element Lvl. 2, Poison Resistance Lvl. 1
Ingot Greaves XAttack Boost Lvl 2, Critical Eye Lvl 2. 
Grand God’s Peer Feet Flinch Free Lv. 2, Latent Power Lv. 1, Critical Boost Lv. 2
TalismanWeakness Exploit Lvl 2 or Constitution Lvl 2.
Bow OptionsRosenbogen Fire Bow, Frostmoon Crescentbow Ice, Elysian Manna Water, or the Herald’s Battlebow.
Additional Armor SetAnjanath Coil X, Archfiend Armor set, Barroth Armor set.

MHR Sunbreak Best Skills For Bow Build

Below we have mentioned all the main skills that you will be needed in order to boost your stats by swaping out armor and decorations.

Bow Charge Plus Lv.1Weakness Exploit Lv.3
Critical Boost Lv. 3Critical Element Lv.3
Constitution Lv.4Flinch Free Lv. 2
Latent Power Lv.4Thunder Attack Lv.2
Poison Resistance Lv.1Elemental Attack Lv. 5
Hunger Resistance Lv.1
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