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How To Get MHR Flame Seal

You can easily craft the Flame Seal in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise) with the help of some material. It helps to protect your head.



Flame Seal in MHR

Monster Hunter Rise has various types of Head Armor that help the hunter to protect their head. Flame Seal is one of that Head Armor that you can get in the MHR or MHRise and use to protect your head.

You can easily craft the Head Armor and use it in the game. Here, we have shared a guide that helps you to know about the item and craft it easily.

What Is Flame Seal In MHR?

Flame Seal is a Head Armor that consists of helms and headgear to protect the head of the hunter. You can craft and upgrade the item in Monster Hunter Rise. The strong element of the Head Armor is Fire and the weakest element is Water, Thunder, Ice and Dragon.

How To Craft Flame Seal?

Flame Seal crafting material in MHR
Flame Seal’s crafting material in MHR

You can easily craft the Flame Seal with the help of some material. Below you can check out all the materials and their quantity needed to craft the Head Armor easily.

  • Rajang Blackfur x2
  • Bazelgeuse Scale + x2
  • Magnamalo Scute + x2
  • Elder Dragon Blood x2
  • 14000 Zeni

All the material mentioned above can be obtained from completing some quest or killing some specific Monster. For instance, if you want to get Rajang Blackfur then you need to complete Advanced: The Veterans’ Gala, a village quest or defeat Rajang, a large monster to loot its drop to get the material.

We hope, you liked this guide and get the item easily. You can also check out other guides of the Monster Hunter Rise such as How To Get Pale Steak and How To Get Sinister Grundge Tassets.

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