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How To Get Massive Bone In MHR

You can use MHR Massive Bone for Crafting and Upgrading different weapons and Armor



How To Get Massive Bone In MHR

Massive Bone is one of the versatile materials in Monster Hunter Rise. This material is also added in the Master Rank Sunbreak Expansion. You can use this material to craft decorations, Armor and upgrade weapons.

In this guide, we will cover What is Massive Bone, How to get the material, its Uses and more. You can quickly get this material and use it in Monster Hunter Rise.

Massive Bone

A Massive Bone is a big bone derived from a large beast. This is a versatile material in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). You can use this material for crafting and upgrading various Weapons and Armor in the game.

You can use MHR Massive Bone for different weapons and Armor such as:

  • Weapons
    • Abominable Snowblade
    • True Guard Breaker
    • Mighty Pronged Hammer
    • Atlas Hammer +
    • Abominable Spear
    • Bonebreaker Tabar
    • Ashigara Axes +
    • Talon Twins +
    • Axe of Righteousness +
    • Arzuros Revelax +
    • Maximal Gasher +
    • Rhenoshasta +
    • New Moon
    • Howlitzer +
  • Low Rank Armor
    • Diablos Helm
    • Goss Harag Helm
    • Goss Harag Braces
    • Skull Visage

How To Get Massive Bone?

You can get Massive Bone in MHRise with the help of completing some quests and from a large monster named Goss Harag. You can take part in the different quests to get the material.

  • Village Quests
    • 6★
      • Abominable Snow-beast
  • Hub Quests
    • 3★
      • The Blizzard Blender
      • Tail to Tail
      • Beastly Chaos
    • 4★
      • The Frost Islands Arena
      • Even Cute Things Have Fangs
      • Blue, Round, and Cute
  • Event Quests
    • 3★
      • Heart of a Warrior
    • 6★
      • Out of Sight, Out of Mind’s Eye
Goss Harag drop Massive Bone

There are some chances to get one Massive Bone from each quest. You can complete the quest and earn a Massive Bone as a reward. You can also target a large monster named Goss Harag to get the material.

This was a complete guide on How To Get Massive Bone In MHR. If you want more guide on Monster Hunter Rise then never forget to check out Gourmet Fish Effect and How To Get MHR Flame Seal.

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