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How To Get Firestone In MHR

Firestone is a Material of rarity 4 in Monster Hunter Rise. This material can combust even at room temperature.



How To Get Firestone In MHR (1)

Monster Hunter Rise has a lot’s of material that you can obtain by looting, completing Quests or carving the monsters. This material is very helpful in the game to progress.

So, in this guide, we are going to learn about one such material that helps you in the game and that is Firestone. This is a very helpful material to craft and upgrades Weapons and Armor.

What is Firestone

Firestone is a Material of rarity 4 in Monster Hunter Rise. This material can combust even at room temperature. You can use this material for Crafting Lower and High-Rank Armor. Firestone can also use for upgrading weapons.

Let’s know the usage of the material in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise).

  • Low-Rank Armor That Needs Firestone
    • Ingot Set
      • Ingot Mail (x1)
    • Bullfango Mask Set
      • Bullfango Mask (x1)
    • Uroktor Set
      • Uroktor Torso (x1)
    • Basarios Set
      • Basarios Helm (x1)
    • Rathalos Set
      • Rathalos Coil (x2)
    • Anja Set
      • Anjanath Vambraces (x1)
    • Tigrex Set
      • Tigrex Mail (x1)
    • Death Stench Set
      • Death Stench Brain (x1)
    • Utsushi Set (Visible)
      • Utsushi Chest (V) (x1)
      • Utsushi Tassets (V) (x1)
    • Utsushi Set (Hidden)
      • Utsushi Chest (H) (x1)
      • Utsushi Tassets (H) (x1)
    • Channeler Set
      • Channeler Robe (x1)
      • Channeler Obi (x1)
    • Medium Set
      • Medium’s Robe (x1)
      • Medium’s Obi (x1)
  • High-Rank Armor That Needs Firestone
    • Kamura S Set
      • Kamura Head Scarf S (x1)
    • Uroktor S Set
      • Uroktor Torso S (x4)
    • Aknosom S Set
      • Aknosom Greaves S (x1)
    • Basarios S Set
      • Basarios Greaves S (x2)
  • Weapons That Use Firestone
    • Djinn I
    • Flaming Fury I
    • Usurper’s Roar I
    • Cawscythe I
    • Kamura Blade IV
    • Kamura C. Blade IV
    • Kamura Chorus IV
    • Kamura Cleaver IV
    • Kamura Hammer IV
    • Kamura Iron Axe IV
    • Kamura Iron Bow IV
    • Kamura Glaive IV
    • Kamura Glintblades IV
    • Kamura Gunlance IV
    • Kamura H. Bowgun IV
    • Kamura L. Bowgun IV
    • Kamura Spear IV
    • Kamura Sword IV
    • Keen Edge II
    • Dual Daggers
    • Elite Blade I
    • Elite Switch Axe I
    • Iron Bayonet I
    • Iron Beater II
    • Millenial Lance
    • War Mace
    • Eizenlitter
    • Meteor Bazooka II
    • Power Gasher I
    • Barbaroi Blade I
    • Gun Hammer II
    • Blazeblades I
    • Heat Lance II
    • The Shredder I
    • Fiore Nulo II
    • Lava Pick I
    • Scale Tornado II
    • Barroth Loader II
    • Aknosom Blade II
    • Aknosom Lance II
    • Aknosom Pike II
    • Axelion Blade I
    • Pumpking II

How To Get Firestone MHR?

Firestone in MHR

You can get Firestone in Monster Hunter Rise with the help of some Village Quests such as Getting Back the Groceries, So Hot, It Melts Iron and THE BEST Quest. You can also check out Lava Caverns’ Mining Outcrop (White) and Mining Outcrop (Blue) in Low and High Rank to obtain the Firestone.

This was everything about to get To Get Firestone MHR. You can also check out other guides on the game such as How To Get Pale Steak.

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