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MHR: How To Get Dreamshell

Use Dreamshell for Crafting and Upgrading various Armor and Weapons in Monster Hunter Rise.



How To Get Dreamshell in MHR

Dreamshell is one of the special materials in Monster Hinter Rise that you can easily get and use for Crafting various equipment in the game.

If you want to get MHR Dreamshell then here, we are going to share a complete guide that helps you to get this material easily.

Dreamshell Uses

Dreamshell is a rarity 4 material that contains a sedating gas. This material is adorned with other shells and rocks. You can use Dreamshell for Crafting and Upgrading various Armor and Weapons such as:

  • Low-Rank Armor
    • S. Studded Hat
    • Shell-Studded Vest
    • Shell-Studded Gloves
    • S. Studded Sash
    • Shelled Sandals
  • High-Rank Armor
    • S. Studded Hat S
    • Shell-Studded Vest S
    • S. Studded Gloves S
    • S. Studded Sash S
    • Shelled Sandals S
  • Forged Weapons
    • Sleepy Shellblade I
    • Sleepy Shellgun I
    • Sleepy Shellslice I
    • Sleepy Shellsword I
  • Upgraded Weapons
    • Schale Batis
    • Sleepy Shellblade II
    • Sleepy Shellgun II
    • Sleepy Shellslice II
    • Sleepy Shellsword II
    • Soporific Shellblade
    • Soporific Shellgun
    • Waking Nightmare

How To Get Dreamshell In MHR?

Obtain Dreamshell from Argosy

You can get Dreamshell from The Argosy as a bonus reward for trading with Mushroomy Market. The Argosy in MHR refers to a Facility in Kamura Village.

This was the complete guide on How To Get Dreamshell In MHR. You can also check out other Monster Hunter Rise guides such as Sunbreak Astalos Weakness and How To Get Chic Crest.

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