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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Heavy Ore Scrap Guide

You can get Heavy Ore Scrape in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak and used to crafting and upgrading items. With the help of this guide, you can easily get the item.



Heavy Ore Scrap Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Heavy Ore Scrap is a special material in Monster Hunter Rise introduced in the Sunbreak Expansion. You can use this material in crafting Palico Armor and Weapons.

In this guide, we are going to share a complete guide on Heavy Ore Scraps such as Introduction, Location and uses. You can easily get the item and use it in MHR Sunbreak.

What Is Heavy Ore Scrap?

Heavy Ore Scrap is the latest and high-quality scrape of ore. Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak material that you can get by forging some specific pieces of equipment.

This material is also obtained by trading or swapping at the Buddy Smith.  The selling price and rarity of the item are 100 Zeni and 8 respectively.

How To Get Heavy Ore Scrap?

How To Get Heavy Ore Scrap?
Image Source: Capcom

You can get Heavy Ore Scrap as a Meowcenaries Rewards in Jungle. Apart from this forging equipment is one of the best ways to get Heavy Ore Scrap in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. You can Forge and upgrade various Armor and weapons such as


  • Kamura Warrior Spear
  • Elder Babel Spear+
  • Gigadrill Lance+
  • Meteor Cannon II
  • Kamura Warrior Blades
  • Gelid Spirit
  • Kamura Warrior Sword
  • Crystallized Edge
  • Kamura Warrior Crossbow
  • Jaeger Prime II
  • Kamura Warrior Cleaver
  • Chrome Hell
  • Kamura Warrior Hammer
  • Niflheim
  • Kamura Warrior Ballista
  • Elite Bowgun +
  • Fortissimo +
  • Kamura Warrior Gunlance
  • Kaiser Blade +
  • Die Walkure +
  • Kamura Warrior Glaive
  • Kamura Warrior Rapier
  • Icebloom
  • Kamura Warrior Flute
  • Dauntless Bayonet
  • Imperial Guardlance +
  • Admiral’s Arbalance +
  • Kamura Warrior Bow
  • Hunter’s Proudbow +
  • Diamond Dust Bow
  • Kamura Warrior Battleaxe
  • Czar Switch Axe II
  • The Power Shredder +
  • Kamura Warrior C. Blade


  • Chainmail Pants X
  • Ingot Mail X
  • Ingot Vambraces X
  • Ingot Coil X
  • Kamura Legacy Garp
  • Alloy Helm X
  • Alloy Mail X
  • Alloy Vambraces X
  • Kamura Legacy Leggings
  • Chainmail Headgear X
  • Chainmail Vest X
  • Damascus Mail X
  • Chrome Metal Coil X
  • Chrome Metal Boots X
  • Damascus Vambraces X
  • Kamura Legacy Braces
  • Kamura Legacy Obi
  • Ingot Greaves X
  • Damascus Helm X
  • Alloy Coil X
  • Kamura Legacy Head Scarf
  • Chainmail Gloves X
  • Chainmail Belt X
  • Alloy Greaves X
  • Ingot Helm X
  • Damascus Coil X
  • Damascus Greaves X

What Are The Uses of Heavy Ore Scrap?

You can use Heavy Ore Scrape for following Master Rank Palico and Palamute Weapons and Armor.

Master Rank Palico Weapons

  • Felyne Kamura Legacy Set
    • Felyne Kamura Legacy Bokken
  • Felyne Acrorn X Set
    • Felyne Bone Wedge X
  • Felyne Alloy X Set
    • Felyne Eltalite Sword

Master Rank Palico Armor

  • Felyne Kamura Legacy Set
    • Felyne Kamura Legacy Hood
    • Felyne Kamura Legacy Garb
  • Felyne Acrorn X Set
    • Felyne Acorn Helm X
    • Felyne Acorn Mail X
  • Felyne Alloy X Set
    • Felyne Alloy Helm X
    • Felyne Alloy Mail X

Master Rank Palamute Armor

  • Canyne Alloy X Set
    • Canyne Alloy Helm X
    • Canyne Alloy Mail X
  • Canyne Kamura Legacy Set
    • Canyne Kamura Legacy Scarf
    • Canyne Kamura Legacy Saddle

Master Rank Palamute Weapons

  • Canyne Kamura Legacy Set
    • Canyne Kamura Legacy Blade
  • Canyne Alloy X Set
    • Canyne Alloy Sword X

This was the guide on the Heavy Ore Scrap to get and use in the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. If this guide helps you then never forget to check out other guides on the game such as How To Get Basarios Tears and How To Get Alloy X Armor Set.

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