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MHR Sunbreak: How To Get Heavy Izuchi Scrap

If you are looking for the Heavy Izuchi Scrap for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak then here, we are going to share a guide on that helps you to get the material and use in the game.



MHR Sunbreak: How To Get Heavy Izuchi Scrap

Heavy Izuchi Scrap is a Master Rank Material in Monster Hunter Rise. This material was introduced in the Sunbreak Expansion. You can get this item in the game and use it for crafting various equipment in the game.

In this article we are going to cover all about Heavy Izuchi Scrap like an Overview, How to get it and its Usage. Be with us till the end and easily know all about this material.

What Is Heavy Izuchi Scrap In MHR Sunbreak?

Heavy Izuchi Scrap is a brand new material introduced in the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. You can use that material for crafting and upgrading equipment.  You can get this latest material by forging or upgrading equipment in the Monster Hunter Rise. The selling price and rarity of the item are 100 Zeni and 8 respectively.

You can use this material in crafting Palico Weapons and Armor. Here’s the list of the Weapons and Armor that you can craft with the help of this material:

  • Felyne Bnaha Dagger X
  • Felyne Bnaha Cap X
  • Felyne Bnaha Suit X

How To Get Heavy Izuchi Scrap?

How To Get Heavy Izuchi Scrap
Credit – Capcom

To get Heavy Izuchi Scrap, you can use the method of forging equipment. You can forge and upgrade various Armor to get the material easily. Here, is a list of the Armor that you can forge and get the material.

  • Bnahabra Hat X
  • Bnahabra Suit X
  • Bnahabra Gloves X
  • Bnahabra Coil X
  • Bnahabra Boots X

This was the complete guide on the MHR Sunbreak: How To Get Heavy Izuchi Scrap. If this guide helps you then never forget to check out other guides on the game such as Heavy Rhenoplos Scrap and How To Get Ceanataur Armor Set.

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