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MHR Sunbreak: Heavy Bone Scrap Guide

You can easily get Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Heavy Bone Scrap new material and use to crafting various weapons and armor.



MHR Sunbreak: Heavy Bone Scrap

Heavy Bone Scrap is one of the new materials in Master Hunter Rise that was introduced in the Sunbreak Expansion. This is one of the special materials of Master Rank that you can get and use to craft weapons and armor.

In this guide, we will share complete details of Heavy Bone Scrap such as How to get the material, Usage and more. Let’s start the guide with the introduction of the material.

What Is Heavy Bone Scrap In MHR Sunbreak?

Heavy Bone Scrap is the latest Master Rank Material in the Monster Hunter Rise. This is introduced in the Sunbreak Expansion and is one of the special materials that can obtain by forging some specific equipment. The selling price and rarity of the item are 100 Zeni and 8 respectively.

Use this material for crafting Palico and Palamute’s Armor and Weapons. All the armor and weapons that you can craft with the help of the ingredients mentioned below:

  • Felyne Bone Hammer X
  • Canyne Bone Hammer X
  • Canyne Bone Helm X
  • Canyne Bone Mail X
  • Felyne Bone Helm X
  • Felyne Bone Mail X

How To Get Heavy Bone Scrap?

 Heavy Bone Scrap Forging Equipment In Monster Hunter Rise
Image Source: Capcom

Forging equipment is one of the best ways to get the Heavy Bone Scrap in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. You can Forge various Armor and weapons to get the material. Along with this, you can get the material as Meowcenaries Rewards in Jungle. All the Armor and Weapons that you can forge to get the material are listed below.

  • Blade of Talos +
  • Atlas Hammer +
  • Grand Barong +
  • Ragdos Tabar +
  • Wyvern Chaser +
  • Talon Twins +
  • Gnash Katana +
  • Behemoth Gunlance +
  • Master Hunter’s Bow +
  • Maximal Gasher +
  • Boneslit Veil +
  • Sturdy Glaive Redux +

This was the guide on Heavy Bone Scrap Monster Hunter Sunbreak to easily get the material. You can also check out other guides on the game such as How To Get Arzuros X Armor Set and How To Get Heavy Insect Scrap.

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