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Carbalite Ore MHR Sunbreak

If you are looking for the Carbalite Ore MHR Sunbreak then here, we are going to share a complete guide on How To Get Carbalite Ore.



Carbalite Ore MHR Sunbreak

Carbalite Ore is one of the new materials in the MHR Sunbreak that you can get and use for crafting various Armor and Weapons.

In this guide we are going to share a complete guide on Carbalite Ore MHR Sunbreak and its usage. You can easily get the material and use in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

What Is Carbalite Ore MHR?

Carbalite Ore is a latest material in the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. This is a special material that you can obtained by completing quest or from the drop of the monster.

You can use this material for crafting and upgrading various weapons and armor such as Kamura Blade V, Kamura C. Blade V, Kamura Cleaver V, Alloy X Set, Pukei-Pukei X Set, Leather X Set, Cerulean Axes I, Cat’s Soul I and many other weapons, armor and armor sets.

How To Get Carbalite Ore?

Carbalite Ore MHR Sunbreak

You can get Carbalite Ore in Monster Hunter Sunbreak by completing various Hub Quests such as Bowled Over, Rotten Fruit, Grasp the Great Sword, Flooded Forest Fiasco, The Lava Caverns Sweep and Can’t Kill It with Fire.

You can also get the material from the largest monster of Flying Wyvern Class named Basarios. Here’s is the number of Carbalite Ore and Chances to get the material from the monster:

FromChancesHowNo. of Carbalite Ore
Body10% Carvesx1
Mine Back60% Carves x1
Chest25% Broken Part Rewardsx1
Back40%Broken Part Rewardsx2
Flinch31% Dropped Materials x1
Wyvern Riding39%Dropped Materials x1
Palico26%Items Obtained from Palicox1

You can also get the material in from Shrine Ruins and Jungle in the Master Rank. You can go towards the Blue Mining Outcrop to get the material. In the high rank Shrine Ruins, Flooded Forest, Frost Islands, Sandy Plains and Lava Caverns is also the best location where you cen get Carbalite Ore in MHR Sunreak.

Carbalite Ore Usage

You can use this material for forging, upgrading and crafting various Weapons, Armor and Armor Sets of Master and High Rank in the MHR. You can use the material for various Master Rank Armor Set such as Alloy X Set, Vespoid Set, Pukei-Pukei X Set, Chainmail X Set, Hunter X Set, Leather X Set, Kulu-Ya-Ku X Set and Khezu X Set.

In the High Rank you can use the material for various armor set such as:

  • Kamura S Set
  • Hunter S Set
  • Alloy S Set
  • Chainmail S Set
  • Rhenoplos S Set
  • Wroggi S Set
  • Baggi S Set
  • Pukei S Set
  • Aknosom S Set
  • Rathian S Set
  • Volvidon S Set
  • Tetranadon S Set
  • Basarios S Set
  • Khezu S Set
  • Jelly S Set
  • Makluva S Set
  • Vaik S Set
  • Spio S Set
  • Skalda S Set
  • Leather X Set
  • Chainmail X Set

This material is also use for various other Weapons and Armor for upgrading, Crafting and Forging the equipment. This was the everything about Carbalite Ore MHR Sunbreak. If you still want to know more guide of the Monster Hunter Rise then never forget to check out Heavy Bnahabra Scrap and Wroggi X Armor Set.

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