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Minecraft Dungeons Weapon Tier List

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Minecraft Dungeons Weapon Tier List

So here in this article, we have shared the Minecraft Dungeons Weapon Tier List so that you can choose the best weapon and get an advantage. We have ranked the weapon from best to worst as from Tier S to Tier C but this list is according to the editor and if you feel any other weapon is better it is completely ok as not everyone has the same taste. But if you like our article then do share it with your friends so that everyone can take advantage of it.

Minecraft Dungeons Weapon Tier List

Dungeons Weapon Tier List

S Tier

Double AxeSpin Attack
Great HammerGreat Splash
GauntletsRelentless Combo
Soul Fists2x Soul Gathering, Relentless Combo, Souls Critical Boost
Fighter’s BindingsTurbo Punches, Increased attack speed
Hammer of GravityAttracts enemies, Great Splash
WhirlwindSpin Attack, Generates Shockwaves
HeartstealerSteals health from powerful mobs, Enhanced Pushbacks

A Tier

KatanaLong Melee Reach
ClaymorePowerful Pushback
SpearIncreased Melee Reach
GlaiveIncreased Melee Reach
Diamond SwordEnhanced Damage
BroadswordIncreased Pushbacks, Enhanced Damage
Eternal KnifeOpportunity to gain Souls, 2x Soul Gathering, Thrust Attack
MaulersEndless Combo, Increase in attack speed
Frost ScytheSlows down mobs, 2x gathering of Souls
Whispering SpearOccasional 2x strike, Increased melee reach
TruthseekerEnhances damage to injured mobs, 2x Soul gathering, Thrust attack

B Tier

Soul Knife2x Soul gathering, Thrust attack
AxeSpin attack move
DaggersDual Wield
CutlassDurable Combo
Soul Scythe2x Soul gathering
Fangs of FrostReduces the speed of mobs, Dual wield
Diamond PickaxeHelps you find more Emeralds
HawkbrandEnhances the chance of a critical hit
FlailChains down enemies
Jailor’s ScytheChains down enemies, 2x Soul gathering
Grave BaneEnhances damage to the Undead, Enhanced melee reach
Master’s KatanaEnhances the chance of a critical hit
StormlanderShoots out bolts of lightning create a huge splash
Nameless BladeReduces strength of enemy attacks, Durable combo
Venom GlaiveEnhanced melee reach, spawns clouds of poison

C Tier

The Last LaughResults in mobs dropping more Emeralds, dual wield
SicklesDual wield
Highland AxeScares mobs, Spin attack move

Meaning Of Tiers

 Tier List

Below we have mentioned the meaning of every Tier so that you can easily evaluate the things.

S-Tier: Super Popular. One whom everyone wants on their land.

A-Tier: A Great Villager. One must not be thinking of leaving them as they are great villagers.

B-Tier: Above Average. With few qualities, they become better than the average one.

C-Tier: Average Villagers.

D-Tier: Below Average. Few in this tier list are okay but most of them you should avoid.

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