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How To Use A Compass In Minecraft



How To Use A Compass In Minecraft

In Minecraft, A compass is a useful tool that is used when you get lost and need to find your way back to your World spawn point. It is the location where you spawned when you first created the World. Nether and finally, the compass needle will spin and you will need to use a lodestone compass to guide you in these dimensions.

If you get lost in Minecraft. You may be searching for villages, gathering materials, attacking mobs. So how will you find your way back? So that you can use a compass to help guide you.

Required materials to use a compass:

This guide will help you how to acquire a compass and how to use a compass in Minecraft.

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Following are the different ways to acquire a compass in Minecraft:

Use A Compass In Minecraft

With the help of three ways to can get a compass:

1. First is Crafting. Crafting is the most simple way to obtain a compass for players. To craft at a crafting table you will need four iron ingots and a single piece of Redstone dust. Iron ore and Redstone ore can be mined in all biomes in Minecraft Overworld when players use at least one stone pickaxe. after that, a player must smelt each piece in the furnace. and craft a crafting table and get a compass.

2. Second is Trading. Expert level librarians can trade with Villager for Compass. The cost across both platforms i.e. Java Edition and Bedrock Edition is the same, at four emeralds.

3. The third one is the Looting. Compass has the ability to spawn naturally in chests found inside a map chest of a shipwreck, a fortress library chest, and a cartographer’s chest in a village.

How to use a compass in Minecraft:

How to use a compass in Minecraft step by step guide

The compass will always point a player to the spawn point of the world when the player is in Minecraft Overworld. The compass will always point the Minecraft player in the right direction easily. The compass will continue to point to the location of the spawn, even if it is dropped.

Inside the Nether or End, a compass will point in random wild directions. But, if a player uses a compass on a stone, it will take them back to that location, even in the Netherlands. This will make the compass look like an enchanted object, so don’t panic if this happens.

Finally, you have learned how to use a compass in Minecraft.

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