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How To Update A Realm In Minecraft



How To Update A Realm In Minecraft

In Minecraft, Realms is basically a way for players to set up their own personal Minecraft server. With the help of realm, players can hide safely with their friends without dealing with anyone else on the Internet. This is very handy if players just want to move on with their own thing, but the main bonus for Minecraft Realms over the other private game options available is that the world you create remains in place even when the creators are offline – which means Other players on the guest list can visit the list at any time, to make additions of their own or contribute to the collaboration whenever they wish.

This guide is all about how to update a realm in Minecraft. Read this guide till the end so you will be easily able to update a realm in Minecraft. So let’s start with how to update your realm to Minecraft 1.18?

How to update a realm in Minecraft 1.18?

Minecraft 1.18

Below is the process to update your realm to Minecraft 1.18:

Step 1: To upgrade your Minecraft game version to version 1.18, all you need to do is upgrade your game to version 1.18.

Step 2: Once the player has updated their match, the player needs to stop it completely, After stopping you have to restart it to check whether the changes were implemented or not.

Step 3: If suppose the players are playing in someone else’s realm so that players need to ask the person to update their game and log into the kingdom.

Step 4: Once the updates are done, Players must restart the game to determine whether the update is applicable. When you are done, your region will automatically be updated.

Let’s say you own the world and you don’t have a chance to upgrade their game. Then, the area will automatically update within 48-72 hours after the renewal announcement.

But most of the time, despite the official release, Realm may take more than five days to update to the latest version in some cases. In this case, Players will be left with the option of waiting until the update is done.

That’s it. We hope this guide will help you to update your realm. You have to just follow the above instructions and it easily updates your realm. Most of the times players are very excited to try out new features So players need to first have to update their realm to the latest version.

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