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How to summon lightning in Minecraft



How to summon lightning in Minecraft

In Minecraft, players can summon lightning at will to destroy hordes and other players. With the help of this guide, players can summon lightning in Minecraft in different ways and all the things you can do with it.

In the following versions of Minecraft the Lightning summon command is available:

PlatformAble to Summon Lightning?
Java EditionYes
Bedrock Edition (Windows 10)Yes
Pocket EditionYes
Education EditionYes
Xbox EditionYes
Playstation EditionYes
Nintendo EditionYes

Below are the requirements to summon lightning in survival Minecraft:

  1. Trident
  2. Channelling Enchantment (Enchanted Book or Enchantment Table)
  3. Cheats enabled (Cheats need to be enabled in your world settings. It’s turned on by default in a creative mode that invalidates any chance of getting achievements but allows you to summon as many lightning bolts as you want.)

Players can get Channeling through enchanted books or also they can find it themselves in an enchantment table.

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How to summon lightning in Minecraft?

 summon lightning in Minecraft?

Players can easily summon lightning in Minecraft with the help of 2 ways. The first is cheat command and the second is through Trident with the Channeling enchantment. So it’s up to players which method they adopt. So let’s learn how to do this in two different ways.

Cheat command to summon lightning in Minecraft:

If players use cheat command to summon lightning in Minecraft so firstly, players must enable cheat in the settings or play in the creative mode to use cheat commands.

To summon lightning via the cheat command, all you have to do is type ‘/summon lightning_bolt’. If you want to summon lightning to a specific location, you’ll need to add coordinates to the command. For example, /summon lightning_bolt 320 75 -33.

Trident with Channeling enchantment

Trident with Channeling enchantment

If players use a Trident with Channeling enchantment to summon lightning in Minecraft so when a players throw the trident at the crowd When it is currently thundering, a lightning bolt will be called on the crowd. The crowd needs to be in an open sky area to hit the lightning bolt. You throw a trident with channelling magic at the lightning rod to summon lightning without rushing it.

In the Java version, channelling does not work on water, lava, cobwebs, soul sand, honey blocks, snow, a minecart, or a mob in a boat. However, note that in these situations the mob can still be killed by a summoning light nearby. A lightning strike will deal 5 damage to the players because a player/mob struck by lightning will be set on fire, which will not last long due to rain.

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