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How To Plant Cocoa Beans In Minecraft



How To Plant Cocoa Beans In Minecraft

Since May 2012, Cocoa beans have been part of the Java edition of Minecraft. Players can find these beans growing out of jungle logs in jungle biomes.

This Minecraft plant can be used in a similar way to most other crops and can also be used to make chocolate cookies and brown dye. However, it is not applied in the dirt. Players will need to plant cocoa beans on the side of the jungle log in order for them to grow into cocoa pods. Each fully-grown cacao pod will fall into around three cacao beans.

How to plant cocoa beans in Minecraft?

How To Plant Cocoa Beans

There are a few items you need to gather before starting this process.

First is cocoa beans themselves. You have to find something in the wild first to kickstart your production. These beans are found inside cocoa pods that grow only on the trunk of a forest tree. So your first order of business is to find a jungle biome and harvest some beans. Each pod that you open will release either two or three beans.

The second item required for farming these little brown beans is jungle logs, so make sure you stock up on these as well before returning to your home base.

When you’re in the jungle biome harvesting beans, make sure you also take your ax to the jungle trees as well.

The third is an optional item, but any farmer knows that having bonemeal handy will speed up the farming process for any crop.

item required for farm Cocoa Beans

Now, on to your farm. You lay down your jungle blocks on the ground wherever you like. They can be in a straight line, or even stacked vertically. Next, take out your cocoa beans and place them on an open side of the jungle log. They will appear as small green sacks hanging from the edges. There is no need to have logs adjacent to a water source or anything, as long as they are outside and above ground.

New pods will begin to grow over time, going through three stages before you can harvest them. They start out as small green pods, develop to a medium brown or tan color, and then mature into the cocoa pods that you found in the wild. Of course, this is where you can choose to use your bonemeal to speed up the growing process if you wish.

Once they are fully grown, open them just as you did in the first step and collect the two or three beans that fall out. You can grow, replant and expand your production from here, or simply replace what you harvested for a steady supply.

Use those yummy beans to make cookies, create the brown dye, and dozens of other items.

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