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How To Make A Potion Of Invisibility



How To Make A Potion Of Invisibility

In Minecraft, one of the most potent potions is the Potion of Invisibility. It is the best way to get out of tough situations or escape past dangers they don’t want to face. It can make a player model disappear but is not without weaknesses.

Below are the required materials:

To make a potion of invisibility, players need to have Blaze Powder, Water Bottles, Nether wart, Golden Carrot (For night vision potion), Fermented Spider Eye, etc.

Below is a brief guide On How To Make A Potion Of Invisibility

Potion Of Invisibility

1. Firstly, players need to make night vision potions. With the help of Golden Carrot which can be found in villages, dropped rarely by zombies, or found in shipwreck or pillager tower chests.

2. Secondly explore the village farm, villages can almost guarantee you find carrots.

3. Thirdly players need to find a gold ingot to create a golden carrot. Gold ore “Y” can be found anywhere below level 31. And melt your gold ore into ingots. Put your gold in a furnace and wait for it to melt into ingots. and after that place a gold nugget in the crafting menu to make nuggets.

To make a golden carrot, surround a carrot with your nugget. You now have the primary ingredients for making a night vision potion.

4. You will need a spider eye, sugar, and a brown mushroom. Spiders can roam anywhere when it is dark. Wait for the night and hunt some spiders to get the ultimate spider eye drop.

5. Locate some sugarcane along any water source block. You have to make it in Chinese. and pick a brown mushroom from a dark area.

6. Craft your fermented spider eye. and place your sugar, spider eye, and brown mushrooms in any of nine crafting locations to make your fermented spider eye.

7. Make the brewing stand. and go down to find the blaze. Build a lower portal by placing obsidian four blocks wide and five blocks high.

8. After that illuminate the portal below with some flint and steel. And place the flint and iron ingot in any of the nine crafting locations on your crafting menu and you can start sprinting downstairs.

9. Stand in the portal for a few seconds, and prepare to face the fiery depths below.

10. You have to find a lower fortress. Your portal may have originated right on top of one. and detection of intermittent fire spread throughout the fort.

11. Beat just enough flame until you have a good supply of blaze rods. You’ll need at least one blaze rod to build a brewing stand, and any spare can become fuel for the brewing stand. and run into your fort until you come across a ladder with some spirit sand and some red fungus. This lower wart is what you’ll need to make your night vision potion.

12. Now come back to your crafting table. Using your blaze rod, combine it with three pieces of cobblestone on a crafting table to make a brewing stand. Keep a Blaze Rod in your crafting menu to make Blaze Powder. Each blaze rod will produce two blaze powders.

13. To open its UI, right-click your brewing stand. and place your blaze powder in the top left slot to fuel your brewing stand.

14. To make glass melt some sand in the furnace and arrange the three pieces of glass in a “v” shape in the crafting menu to make glass bottles. and right-click any water source to fill your bottles up. and then right-click on your brewing stand and put down the water bottles.

15. In the final slot, place your nether wart. Now wait for the bottles to fill up, and you’ll have your base for Night Vision Potion: Strange Potion. Grab your golden carrots. Place it in the same slot as the bottom wart. Once the bottles are full, you will have three-night vision potions. and then leave your night vision potions at the bottom of the brewing stand. Add your fermented spider eye in the ingredient slot and its finish brewing.

It’s done now!

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