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How To Make A Map In Minecraft



How To Make A Map In Minecraft

In Minecraft, A map is the most important item that can be found in the Miscellaneous section of the creative menu. A map should always have in your inventory. Players need to create a map to have a map. With the help of this guide on how to make a map in Minecraft, you can easily create a map. So, read this guide till the end.

Below is the list of items you required to make a map in Minecraft:

  • Crafting Table
  • 8 Paper
  • 1 Compass

Compass requires materials such as iron and Redstone, which means they require mining at the lowest levels of the world. Redstone is a fairly abundant material, but it requires mining with an iron pickaxe.

Following are the steps on how to make a map in Minecraft:

Following are the steps to make a map in Minecraft:

Step 1: Players need to convert recently acquired logs into wooden planks. And to make wooden planks, you have to place the logs that were collected in a slot in the survival inventory crafting table.

Step 2: Then once the logs are converted into wooden planks, players can progress to building a crafting table.

Step 3: Now players need to find out about sugar cane. The map consists of 8 pieces of paper, which means that a map requires the player to collect 9 pieces of cane.

Step 4: If players have a sugar cane farm so it will be easy to collect sugar cane. Sugar cane can also be found in almost any biome. It is found next to water because sugarcane needs a block of water next to it to grow.

Following are the steps to make a map in Minecraft:

Follow the below steps to make a map in Minecraft.

In step 1: Players need to place a crafting table which we have created above.

In step 2: Once you created a crafting table you have to open your crafting table GUI.

In step 3: After that you have to fill the outer border with paper, separating each square from the middle.

In step 4: Next players need to place the compass in the centre.

In the last step, Players need to give a command. In Minecraft, /give @p Minecraft:filled_map 1 give the command for a map.

Finally, you have created a map in Minecraft.

Players when creating a map, it is completely blank and do not contain any kind of information. Players have to hold the empty map and press the ‘Use item’ option to convert the empty map into a map item in the game. After that, it will slowly start filling up with all the information as you start travelling within the boundaries.

Below you can more guide on Minecraft:

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