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How To Make a Flying Machine in Minecraft



How To Make a Flying Machine in Minecraft

In Minecraft, the flying machine is incredibly cheap but very cool too. Flying machine in Minecraft requires only seven blocks to build and will travel in a straight line, infinitely in the direction you align it. It is recommended that players can make flying machines as high in the sky as possible, as you cannot operate them. You definitely wouldn’t want to crash into any mountains.

Below is the list of items needed to build a flying machine in Minecraft:

  • 1x Sticky Piston
  • 1x Regular Piston
  • 2x Observer
  • 7x Slime Block
  • A lot of building blocks

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How To Make a Flying Machine in Minecraft

How to craft a Flying Machine in Minecraft

Below are the steps by steps guide on how to make a flying machine in Minecraft.

Build high using building blocks. How high the flying machine will fly is the altitude it will reach. Higher is usually better because the machine stops when it hits an obstacle.

Now you have to place one slim block on top of the tower and another slim block next to it.

After that, you have to place an observer and a regular piston next to the slime blocks. Be sure about the direction of the arrow on top of the observer is facing the direction of the second slime block. And after placing the two slime blocks that come from the regular piston and then place another slime block to the left of the two slime blocks.

Place a sticky piston coming of the latest slime block and facing towards the initial second slime block. and then place a two slime block on top of the furthermost slime blocks.

Now place an observer on top of the sticky piston with the arrow pointing down and the “eyes” pointing up.

From the furthermost slime block, place five building blocks to extend it. Be sure to break any blocks from the starting tower that are still touching the machine.

The players then have to place a block on top of the observer facing upwards. Once it’s done right, the machine will vibrate quite a bit. To engage the flying machine, you only need to break the block that was placed on the observer. The whole machine will start running. To stop the flying machine back, you can place a block back on top of the observer.

So it’s done. Now you know the process of crafting flying machines in Minecraft.

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