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How To Make A Bookshelf In Minecraft



How To Make A Bookshelf In Minecraft

In Minecraft, the bookshelf is basically used for decorative purposes and to build the most powerful enchanting table possible in the vanilla version of Minecraft. The number of bookshelves surrounding a magic table determines the level of magic possible through that specific block.

With the most powerful tables with a max level requirement of 30, players can get so many great enchantments that aren’t available through lower-level wizards.

With the help of this guide, you will learn how to make a bookshelf in Minecraft. Read this guide till the end. In this guide, we have covered all the required points to make a bookshelf in Minecraft like what versions of Minecraft a bookshelf is available and required materials, and lastly the steps. So follow this guide to make a bookshelf in Minecraft.

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What versions of Minecraft a bookshelf is available?

  • Java Edition (PC/Mac) : Available
  • Pocket Edition (PE): Available
  • Xbox 360: Available
  • Xbox One: Available
  • PS3 : Available
  • PS4 : Available
  • Wii U : Available
  • Nintendo Switch : Available
  • Windows 10 Edition : Available
  • Education Edition : Available
  • What materials are required to make a bookshelf in Minecraft?

    Below is the list of items you need to make a bookshelf in Minecraft:

    • Crafting table
    • 3 books
    • 6 wooden planks (Which is any type)

    How To Make A Bookshelf In Minecraft

    How To Make A Bookshelf In Minecraft

    Below is the step by step guide to making a bookshelf in Minecraft:

    Step 1: Firstly players need a crafting table to make a bookshelf. Making a crafting table is like converting any recently acquired logs into wooden planks.

    Step 2: In step 2 you have to place the collected logs in a slot in the Survival Inventory crafting table.

    Step 3: Now you can go ahead to making a crafting table. We make sure you have a wooden plank.

    Step 4: After that players need to find sugarcane and leather to make the books they need.

    Step 5: Then you have to lay down your crafting table and open the crafting table GUI.

    Step 6: Now players need to fill the top and bottom rows of the menu with their chosen wooden planks.

    Step 7: And then in step 7 you have to fill in the three middle remaining spaces with the books that you have made.

    Step 8: Lastly players need to place their bookshelf wherever they want! But you have to be careful though, when you break a bookshelf it breaks into 3 books, which means you have to surround them with wood once again.

    And that’s it! You have learned how to make a bookshelf in Minecraft.

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