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How To Get Silk Touch In Minecraft?



How To Get Silk Touch In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, Silk Touch enchantment allows the player that they can block themselves instead of receiving normal dropped items.

With this spell, Players can collect items that are fragile and breakable such as glass or ice. Or also they can just mine and collect blocks like diamond ore or coal ore.

Players can also add Silk Touch enchantment using the enchanting table, anvil, or game commands to any pickaxe, shovel, ax, or scissor. After that, they can use the Enchanted Tool and see how quickly players can add those rare and fragile items to their inventory. Level 1 is the maximum level for Silk Touch enchantment. This means that players can only enchant one item with Silk Touch I, and there is nothing more to this enchantment.

Read this guide till the end so you will learn how to get silk touch in Minecraft. And you can also take a look at other guides here How To Make A Beehive In Minecraft, 5 Most Useful Potions In Minecraft, How To Make A Secret Door In MinecraftHow To Plant Cocoa Beans In Minecraft.

Below are the following versions of Minecraft where the Silk Touch enchantment is available:

versions of Minecraft where the Silk Touch enchantment is available
  • Java Edition (PC/Mac): Available
  • Pocket Edition (PE) : Available
  • Xbox 360 : Available
  • Xbox One : Available
  • PS3 : Available
  • PS4 : Available
  • Wii U : Available
  • Nintendo Switch : Available
  • Windows 10 Edition : Available
  • Education Edition : Available

Players need to arrange for Level 30 enchantment to get silk touch in Minecraft.

make the first 5 to 20 wooden pickaxes or shovels

Following is the process to get silk touch in Minecraft:

Step 1: You have to make the first 5 to 20 wooden pickaxes or shovels.

Step 2: Now you have to keep them in your inventory. And then reach the magic table with lapis lazuli and a wooden shovel or pickaxe.

Step 3: Replace the wooden shovel or ax with anything you want to keep the silk touch. And if suppose you do not get any Silk Touch enchantment, so that you can perform any available enchantment on the wooden item and after that, you have to replace it with a new wooden item. And lastly, repeat this process until you get the magic of Silk Touch on the table. Keep this mind is that players can only swap items of the same type.

Below is the process to trade for a Silk Touch enchanting book from a village librarian to get Silk Touch:

Step 1: Firstly you need to find an unemployed villager.

Step 2: Then after finding an unemployed villager you have to place fences around him to stop him from wandering.

Step 3: After that, you have to hold a lecture inside the fence to turn him into a librarian. And then wait for him to trade a Silk Touch enchantment book. Buy a mesmerizing book from Panna.

Step 4: If your librarian doesn’t trade the Silk Touch enchantment book you have to simply break out his lecture and then you have replace it with a new one. This process would allow him to trade new books instead of old ones. Now repeat the process until the required book is found. and lastly, you have to take the Enchantment Book and place it inside any anvil with the item you need the Silk Touch ability on.

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