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How To Get Melon Seeds In Minecraft



How To Get Melon Seeds In Minecraft

In Minecraft, Melons are a beautiful green color. It is a joy for Minecraft players and also it is a valuable resource. It is relatively rare to find melons in villages, and the only biome where melons grow naturally is in forests. So now the question is how to get melon seeds in Minecraft and where to find it.

If you are looking for how to get melon seeds in Minecraft, so you are in the right place. This guide will help you how to get it. Read this guide till the end. So let’s start to get melon seeds in Minecraft!

How to get melon seeds in Minecraft?

With the help of crafting using a melon slice and the player finds the seeds in a chest, melon seeds are obtained in Minecraft.

It is very easy to craft a melon seed. Assuming that you have already a melon slice in your inventory, all you have to do is open your crafting table, and then place the melon piece in the middle slot, and the melon seed will appear in the output slot.

Where to find melon seeds in Minecraft?

With the help of the following ways you can get a melon seed in Minecraft:

Jungle In Minecraft


In the jungle, Melons grow naturally. Players are more likely to find melons within forests than in villages and suppose if a player comes into the forest he must definitely hunt for melons.


Melon gets a chance to be born in the chest of the dungeon. They are usually produced in clusters of 1-4 melon seeds.

Village chests and farms:

Melon seeds can certainly be produced within the village chest. Melon seeds are produced only in certain village biomes. These two biomes are savanna and desert. The village that grows in these biomes is likely to have melon seeds in their fields or fields. Full-grown melons can be seen in savanna villages, but not in desert villages.

Wandering Traders:

Wandering Traders in Minecraft

This will offer you to trade one emerald for melon seeds. The number of seeds can be different, but all players really need is one of these seeds to start a melon farm. You can also able to trade with farming villagers for melon slices. They can then prepare these melon slices into melon seeds.


In mineshaft chests, Melon seeds have about a 30% chance of being born. It is unknown why these seeds are produced in mineshafts, as Minecraft lore held that these shafts were made by older mining players.

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