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How To Get A Turtle Helmet In Minecraft



How To Get A Turtle Helmet In Minecraft

In the Minecraft game, there are many different dangers and challenges, especially the beneath the waves of Minecraft’s oceans lie many different dangers, the worst of which is the player’s inability to breathe water.

Here are some ways to overcome that problem like potions, placing doors underwater, or using turtle shells. One of Minecraft’s more challenges is that turtle shells require players to breed fully grown sea turtles and protect their eggs until the babies are fully developed.

This guide will help you how to get a turtle helmet in Minecraft. So read this guide till the end. Let’s explore to get a turtle helmet in Minecraft. and also follow the below steps.

how to get a turtle helmet in Minecraft?

Below is the step-by-step guide to getting a turtle helmet in Minecraft. So let’s begin this to get a turtle helmet:

Step 1: Firstly players need to obtain five scutes.

Step 2: Once the players get the five scutes, then players need to keep them in shape “N” using the crafting table. It’s mostly similar to how you make a helmet.

Step 3: Once the players have crafted the turtle shell using Scoot, now the players can equip it as a helmet on your character. so it will give the same defense points as the golden, chainmail, or iron helmet. The Turtle Shell Helmet also offers a water breathing status effect, so that the players can stay underwater for longer. Players can also make Turtle Master’s potion with it, which will give them resistance at the cost of slowing down.

Step 4: After that players need to find some baby turtles, to get scutes. Players can either search for a beach biome in your world or hatch them from turtle eggs if they already have one.

Step 5: Now once the baby turtle grows up to become an adult, it will drop one scute. Players will need a total of five baby turtles to get the scutes needed to build your turtle shell.

Step 6: Players can also breed two adult turtles to lay eggs if they want to obtain seagrass. An adult turtle will lay 1-4 eggs.

Step 7: So in the last process, players need to be careful though, eggs can be trampled on and destroyed. Keeping the eggs in an enclosed area will help deter animals and hostile monsters from breaking them.

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