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The Path Of Papers (Sumeru World Quest) Genshin Impact

With a new update, Genshin Impact has added so many different quests to the game and The Path Of Papers is one of Sumeru World Quests, today we will see how to complete this quest.




The Path Of Papers (Sumeru World Quest) Genshin Impact

So in order to start this quest first, you will be needed to complete the followings Endless Research (Liyue), In Another Land (Inazuma), and Fertilizer Salesperson (Inazuma) and here on this page we will share the answer on how to obtain “Answer Time” Achievement.

Without any further delay let’s start the guide the first thing that you need to do is teleport to the Sumeru City East Waypoint for a better understanding, you can check out the map we have provided and there you will find Niloofar talk to her and in that way your quest will be started.

So after starting your quest, the first thing you need to do is teleport to Caravan Ribat Waypoint and from there you need to head towards your south where you will different enemies and you need to defeat the enemies there.

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The Path Of Papers Sumeru World Quest

Now you have towards the east so that you can find Alrani in Ruins of Dahri and you will find her in a cage and when ask about coming out of the cage she will but she doesn’t and leaves her in her own condition.

And then all you have to do is teleport back to Sumeru City East Waypoint where you will again find Niloofar and just talk to her about all that happened there and hand over the note to her in order to finish the quest.

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